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Merits Associated with Cremation

The death of a person brings with it a task of decision making to the close relatives and even friends and that is to choose whether or not the body will be cremated or laid to rest in the grave. When people die they mostly leave behind a will that has instructions regarding their property and some use the same document to indicate what happens to their remains in case of death and that is either being buried or cremation of their bodies. Cremation services are available in most places and can be accessed depending on one’s preference. Below are some of the advantages associated with cremation.

Burials can be so demanding in terms of funding and as such, they bring a financial burden on the bereaved who may even enter into huge debts over the burial of their loved one; all this can be curbed if cremation is considered.

Having to keep someone who has passed on memorable is by having their remains in the vicinity of their loved ones so that they can be visited and even brought for flowers as a sign of their continued presence and in the event the family decides to migrate and settle somewhere else having the cremains will make it easier to go anywhere without the worry of leaving their member who is dead behind.

Cremation gives the bereaved family a chance to make anything of remembrance out of the cremains; this can be in a form of an art, a necklace, bracelet or even a ring enclosed with some part of the cremains. Dead bodies are usually embalmed to sustain them before burial arrangements are met, a leak of these chemicals to the environment is considered pollution and thus the environment is not kept clean; cremation is carried out with such caution that contamination of the environment is highly minimized. Most of land space is usually set aside for tombs as graveyards and even most homes give up a lot of space for burial of their loved ones whereas choosing to cremate the bodies can save up these lands for settlement, developing infrastructure and other purposes.

Close friends and relatives get the chance to quietly mourn their loved one since a cremation ceremony is not lengthy with a lot of speeches and other activities that may divert the attention of the funeral gathering. It is very key to some people to have private funerals that don’t create so much attention and also not take so long, this can be due to their busy schedules or to give themselves time to come to terms with the loss and cremation gives them the privilege to do so. Going through the above mentioned advantages of cremation shows that indeed it is something to consider doing.

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